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We've just finished our photography expedition to Afghanistan!

A happy end to our #Afghanistan trip!

We've had a great time out in #Kabul teaching photography again. Our students loved their lessons and we can't wait to see the great photos they'll be taking in the future.

Thanks to the Afghanistan government, especially the Ministry for Womens Affairs for inviting us and USAID for sponsoring the contract.

We really do love this city and hopefully the recent peacetalks will continue so this beautiful city can continue to heal from decades of war. The scenery is stunning and the people are so amazing and welcoming xx

As we plan our next adventure we'll be back in the UK ready to deliver more great photography lessons in Kent!

We're not sure whats happening with the lockdown so we are still only running 1to1 lessons at present. We'll continue to assess the situation and will be running our group courses as soon as possible.

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