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Featured Photographers

In addition to photography lessons we maintain a network of excellent independent photographers located across Kent who are ready work with you to help capture your story.

Big Welsh Paul Photography

I'm Big, I'm Welsh, I'm Paul

From Landscape to Action Sports, from low light to pets I shoot it all. There is nothing better than planning that sunset, or sunrise and getting to location and everything is just right. You take the shot and think "That was worth it" Learning how to put all those things in place can be overwhelming for some people, but I can show you how. How to make the most of your camera, how to make the most of the scene and how to plan the shot.

Contact details: 07977417056
Instagram: Big Welsh Paul
Facebook: Big Welsh Paul Photography
Email: bigwelshpaul@gmail.com

Sheradon Dublin Photography

Bold & Engaging Commercial Photography

Hello, I'm Sheradon. I’m a commercial photographer based here in Kent and I've been behind a camera since the 1990s. With my work, I produce engaging content for commercial businesses, its something I get to enjoy daily. The photos I create range from styled food and product shots for brands and restaurants, to environmental portraits and interiors for glossy magazine articles. Each week is often quite different. For me, meeting people, building new working relationships and bringing their vision to life are the best parts of my work day. 

Contact details: www.sheradondublin.com

                           07931 373 409 

Instagram: @sheradondublinphoto

Facebook: sheradondublinphotography

email: info@sheradondublin.com

Kidda Creative

Photography Coach and Creative Weirdo

I have been doing photography for the past 7 years, but have been taking images all my life.


I am a creative individual that wishes to share the joy of photography with everyone. Love photographing people but nature was my first love.

Contact Details: 

Instagram: @kiddusta

Facebook: KiddaCreative

Email: kidda@kiddacreative.co.uk

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