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Learn to Create Stunning Photos

Zero to Hero — Here at Kent Photo Stories we help you create amazing photos with our hands on photography workshops.


Are you new to photography?

Want to take your photography to the next level?

We can help you with our practical, outdoor, fully customisable training courses!

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Goodbye Automatic - Hello great photos!

We'll teach you everything you need to start taking amazing images.


From beginner to advanced we'll teach you how to take Instagram worthy photos like a pro.

Manual photography - We guarantee you’ll never use auto again.

Photography composition and Framing - Learn the secrets to taking amazing photos. 

Kit and equipment - How to use your kit to its full potential.

Editing techniques - Enhancing your photos using programs such as adobe lightroom. 

Beginner - Intermediate - Professional

Our Team




Neil is an ex-military photographer. He spends his days exploring fascinating cultures and sharing his stories with the world. Neil's work is inspired by colour, culture and humanity. 



Action and Landscape

From landscape to action sports, from low light to pets Paul can shoot it all. Paul loves helping his students to capture perfect sunsets. 



Art and Design

With a background in the arts, Calypso is our specialist in artistic and portrait photography, helping students to develop their creative portfolio. 



Teaching Locations 

We offer our photography lessons across the whole of Kent.  Please contact us if you have a specific location in mind.

Class Sizes

We offer fully bespoke 1to1, 1to2, and group training workshops throughout the year. For more details please click below or get in touch now to book your lesson with us.

Photo Kent Stories course size


Get an instructor all to yourself! A full day of bespoke photography training teaching exactly what you want where you want.  We also offer lessons by the hour.

A full day of 1 on 1 on tuition.



From Only:


Photo Kent Stories course size


Ideal for couples and friends. One instructor for 2 students (must be booked together).

A full day of Hands on tuition.

From Only:


Photo Kent Stories course size


A cosy group of  no more than 6 students. These often book up fast. See our Courses page for our customisable itinerary. 

A full day of Hands on tuition.

From Only:


Group Photography course dates 2024

Our summer group courses offer an affordable and fun opportunity to start your journey into professional photography. Bring a friend and get £10 off the price of your booking! 


Next group course date - 15 June 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of photography do I need to be at? Whether you've never picked up a camera before or are a seasoned professional wanting to develop their skills in a certain field we can tailor your training to match. Our group courses are aimed at beginners wanting to understand how best to use their camera and shoot on manual. Our 1to1 courses are fully customisable for both beginners and seasoned professionals. 

What do you cover on the course? After going through technical aspects of photography such as aperture, shutterspeed and exposure we explore the creative aspects of framing and tricks that most photographers use such as leading lines and rule of thirds. We will have you shooting on full manual by the end of the day and you'll know how to use all the various features on your camera which includes going through (almost!) every menu and feature on your cameras settings.

During the day we cover:

Photography lesson 1 - Camera settings (overview).

Photography lesson 2 - Focus types, auto focus single, continuous, manual focus, and advanced tracking tips. 
Photography lesson 3 - Capturing movement in shutter priority mode.

Photography lesson 4 - Depth of field and the bokeh effect in aperture priority mode. 

Photography lesson 5 - Understanding ISO.

Photography lesson 6 - The exposure triangle in full manual mode.

Photography lesson 7 - Creative composition including techniques such as the rule of thirds, leading lines and more.

Photography lesson 8 - How to use light to your advantage including using reflectors, natural light, and flash.

Photography lesson 9 - Editing and workflow tips using Adobe Lightroom.

Are your lessons classroom based? All of our training is done outside and is delivered in a practical way. Our teaching style is for you to be using your camera throughout with us giving you guidance as you learn. The closest the course gets to a classroom is when we stop off at a cafe (or pub!) at the end of the day and briefly show you how to edit photos professionally. This will also be taught with you using the editing software yourself and us guiding you along. 

Where do you deliver your training? In addition to the locations listed we can provide teaching anywhere in Kent and can provide local area or home tuition if needed. Our students sometimes choose to pay to go into locations such as Hever castle or Wingham Wildlife park and we're more than happy to do this. 

Do you run online (remote) training? I'm afraid we don't! We're all about practical hands on training so we don't do online classes I'm afraid. If it's online classes that you're after we recommend delving into Youtube for inspiration as there's loads of great videos on there.

Can I learn X skill specifically. Of course you can! You are paying for our time and our excellent instructors can teach all aspects of Photography from model portraiture to landscape and even niche aspects such as star or drone photography. 

Do I need to bring my own camera? We have some excellent cameras for you to use if you don't own one currently. Naturally we prefer that you bring your own camera so we can guarantee that once the course has finished you know how to use it to its full potential. We can also go through what requirements you have and recommend cameras, lenses, and other useful equipment to buy in the future. 

If you have any further questions then please contact us today!

Photography Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of Photography

Looking for that perfect photography gift? Treat your family, friends, and loved ones to this exclusive voucher for one of our fantastic photography experiences. 

It makes a perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas presents, Anniversaries or if they just deserve a special treat. 


Your gift will be sent by post with a customised gift certificate with their name and a personalised message of your choice inviting them to book one of our bespoke courses. 


Read some of our top tips for products and locations to help you be a better photographer. If you'd like to contribute to a blog please let us know.

  • Gear reviews

  • Epic places in Kent to Photograph

  • Photography tips and tricks


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Student Feedback


Katy was brilliant! I can't believe that after one day im already using manual mode on my Nikon!

Would recommend this to anyone that wants to be a better photographer :)))


Loved my lesson with Rich, he was a really knowledgeable instructor who worked with me to bring up my professional skills and after a few hours I was much more confident with my photography.


I'll be using these skills in my marketing department to improve our company photos. Thanks again!


Had an amazing 6 hour 1 to 1 photography course with Neil. He taught me so much including technical knowledge and creativity skills allowing me to really understand how a camera works and how to capture the best scenes.

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