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Eclipse lens cleaner is the highest purity lens cleaner available on the market today. 


It dries as quickly as it can be applied leaving absolutely no residue.


When used with PEC-PAD photo wipes, it is possible to clean only the portion of lens which is dirty thereby eliminating "hazy swirls".


To use: 


  • Dispense several drops onto a clean, folded PEC-PAD and lightly wipe surface in a single direction. Refold pad to expose a clean side and re-wipe as necessary.


Supplied in a 59ml bottle with dropper.


Hasselblad approved.


WARNING This product contains highly flammable liquids and is not suitable for airtravel. For travelling by air please choose the 'Aeroclipse' which is travel safe.

Eclipse Lens and CCD Cleaning Fluid

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£15.99 Regular Price
£12.99Sale Price

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