Ultraonlineuk.com Review - Scam or Legit?

Do you love a good bargain? - We certainly do!

Whilst looking for somewhere to buy a Peak Design tripod we came across a site called Ultra Online Uk. They sell electronics at extremely low prices.

Naturally we were interested in their photography section. They sell a huge range of items, all with crazy discount prices to the point that almost every item is the cheapest you can find on the internet..... Hmm alarm bells started ringing!

An Insta One for £303 is pretty tempting!

The item we were after was the amazing Peak Design Tripod (UPDATE: full review here). If you haven't come across these they are rumoured to be the best travel tripod you can buy ... Although they are also one of the most expensive as they are almost double the price of most professional tripods!

ooo Tiny and Shiny!

Now this bad boy is normally £320 for the Aluminium one and £570 for the Carbon Fibre one (Prices on Amazon in Mar 2021) but on the mighty UltraOnlineuk it was only 255.99!

Too good to be true?

Naturally we liked the look of this pricing but before we clicked on the buy button we looked for some reviews of this site first.

We were concerned as:

  • We're always suspicious of sites that have expensive premium kit on discount.

  • It seems to have been designed by someone who designs scam websites

Bad reviews

Clearly not a fan

Good Reviews

The Verdict

All in all, looking on the reviews on trustedreviews.com it seems to be either excellent or terrible!

Not ideal for making up your own mind

Other things we found out

  1. They're definitely not located in the UK. This is a HK company.

  2. Even all the positive reviews said that you'll be waiting a (long) while for the products to arrive.

  3. Ultra Online do offer Paypal so you are protected if there is a problem.

  4. Ultra Online make it almost impossible to return a product.

  5. When they say it's in stock... take this with a pinch of salt.

  6. Their customer support is fast and will talk to you instantly or within 24 hours. Again take with a pinch of salt what they say.

The Journey ....

As you could pay on Paypal we decided to risk it. On checkout we actually ended up paying an extra £7 for insurance so the discount off Amazon ended up only being 50 quid / 15% but hey ... we do love a bargain!

  • 3 Mar - Purchase date (item said in stock and also customer support said in stock).

  • 16 Mar - We're currently packing your order and it will be leaving our warehouse shortly!

  • 18 Mar - We are happy to inform you that your parcel has just been picked up by one of our courier partners.

  • 19 Mar - Your order has been dispatched and is on it's way. On average, it takes up 48-72 working hours for our courier partner to update your parcel's status in the tracking link.

They then gave me a tracking number but the courier, DPD says that the item hasn't been dropped off yet... weird they do this so early and then don't post it?

  • 22 Mar - Still not picked up yet. on DPD. The wait continues!

  • 24 Mar - It arrived! Very odd indeed. The tracking number didn't seem to have any updates but they must have posted it when they said (19 Mar). The item arrived in perfect condition and took 21 days from start to finish so all in all a good buy!

Wait for our review of the tripod to drop next!


We are not affiliated with UltraOnline in any shape or form and do not have any affiliates with them. We've added our usual Amazon links in here so you can find the tripod.

Check out the official website for Peak Design here.

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